Organic Homegrown Free Range Local

We are a blended family of seven, running an urban farm in the heart of Houston, Texas.  Together we are farmers, athletes, dreamers, artists, animal lovers, and visionaries, but most importantly,we are family.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where my dad practiced organic farming and my mom canned everything that we grew.  I was always fascinated by organic gardening and the delicate balance of nature.  My dad always made sure that I was an active participant in our gardens. 

Just as my parents did, it is our goal to pass down this tradition to our children.  Our children are fully involved in all aspects of Underhill Urban Farm Co, From feeding the animals, watering the garden, planting and harvesting, canning or joining us at farmers' markets, they play a daily role in what we do.

Our Story

Living off the land no matter how small was always a way of life for us. From the suburbs of Nederland, Texas, to three acres in Hankamer, Texas, all the way to the city of Houston, Texas, we are still practicing this lifelong tradition.

At Underhill Urban Farm Co., we believe in small batches, original recipes and filling every jar with as much goodness as it can hold.  Our commitment will always be to provide a product that is grown locally, organically, and seasonally, not only for our family, but for yours!

See you in the Garden!


We are truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your homes, a part of your meals, and a part of your lives!